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YMAA Tai Chi workshop in Warsaw (Poland)

Neelam and Kate, our two enthusiastic students of Tai Chi, embarked on a journey to Poland (Warsaw) for a YMAA workshop (20.05.2023) on Tai Chi conducted by Master Robert Was. The subjects of the workshop focused on various aspects of Tai Chi, including Tai Chi Ball, Tai Chi Application, and the correction of Tai Chi form.

YMAA workshop - Warsaw 2023

During the workshop, Neelam and Kate developed their Tai Chi skills through various exercises and techniques taught by Master Robert Was. They also got the opportunity to meet and connect with other Tai Chi enthusiasts from Poland.

The workshop provided a unique learning experience for Neelam and Kate, as they not only improved their Tai Chi techniques but also gained valuable insights into its philosophical and cultural aspects. Overall, the trip was a great success for the two students as they returned home with a refreshed perspective on Tai Chi, and a renewed passion to continue their practice.

Thanks to YMAA Warsaw for organizing this unique workshop and warmly welcoming our students.



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