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The Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan: Finding Balance in a Busy London

Present day, in a busy office in London, a 35-year-old woman is sitting in front of her computer, aimlessly scrolling through various websites. Suddenly, she stumbles upon YMAA Orientsport and reads the history of Tai Chi Chuan's Yang style.

Woman practicing Tai Chi

After finishing work, she makes her way back to her home in West London, where she spends the rest of the evening tending to her family and fulfilling her domestic duties. However, as she drifts off to sleep, she has a vivid dream about the founding of Tai Chi Chuan in Chen Village in 1820, where Yang Luchan played a significant role.

In her dream, Yang Luchan arrives in Chen Village with great martial arts skills that he had acquired through years of studying various styles. Having heard about the village's legendary warriors who had developed a unique fighting style combining both external and internal techniques, he sets out to learn from them.

After proving his worth through several tough battles, the Chen family opened their doors to train him, and he eventually learned their style of Tai Chi Chuan. Using his skills and knowledge of various fighting styles, he combined them with the internal strength techniques to create a new form, the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

In her dream, our protagonist observes Yang Luchan's numerous victories using his Tai Chi Chuan skills. The fights were fluid, yet exceedingly effective against his opponents. He defeated many challengers and earned himself the respect and admiration of the villagers.

As our protagonist awakens from her dream, she realizes that Tai Chi Chuan has been calling out to her all this while. She decides to sign up for Tai Chi Chuan classes with YMAA Orientsport and makes a phone call during her lunch break to book an Intro class.

Her first class is both enlightening and energizing. As she begins to gain more knowledge and understanding of Tai Chi Chuan, she finds herself feeling empowered and rejuvenated. Tai Chi Chuan has become a crucial part of her daily routine, and she now approaches every day with a newfound sense of balance and harmony.

In conclusion, the practice of Tai Chi Chuan is all about balance and harmony. It brings peace and serenity to our often-stressful lives while simultaneously strengthening both physical and mental health.

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