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Pole-land Dancing With Tai Chi Destiny - YMAA Poland Summer Camp in Distorting Mirror

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

The postcard-perfect town of Ealing, West London fostered a sanctuary of serenity within its heart - the TaiChi4U (YMAA Orientsport) school - a haven of tranquillity where elegance met chaos at the crossroads of destiny and fate's confusion. Our heroine, Matilda 'Mishap Magnet' Chipperfield, was a well-loved personality in this harmonious kinsmanship, known best for her comical battle with grace and balance.

Drawing upon TaiChi4U's traditional philosophies akin to a voracious duck plunging into a loaf of bread, Matilda practised Tai Chi Chuan, achieving the blend of a snowflake's flutter within a hail storm. This British blossom of bashful blunders set her sights further - to master the enchanting Tai Chi staff/pole/stick. Destiny decided to add a twist of lemon to this cocktail, an invitational ticket to the YMAA Summer Camp in the land of pierogis and dragon legends - Poland. "Poland, here I come!" she cried, as subtly as an elephant in a tutu.

TaiChi4U - YMAA Orientsport - Tai Chi staff

Ensconced amidst the patchwork quilt of Polish landscapes, the YMAA camp welcomed Matilda, unaware of the Python-esque comedy act set to unleash. The Masters were undeterred by Matilda's staff-thwacking introduction, offering guidance with a tranquillity that channelled the spirit of Yoda (if Yoda was a Tai Chi master teaching a bull in a china shop). Masters Robert (YMAA Poland) and Pedro (YMAA Portugal), with Buddha-like patience of stuttering YouTube buffer, took upon their valiant shoulders to mold Clara into a staff weaver.

Poland hadn't seen a whirlwind quite like Matilda. Every attempted staff swing was an academic discourse on the unexpected trajectories of a rogue stick in a tumble-dry. Champions of wit began quoting observational humour such as, “a Matilda in motion tends to stay in motion, and knock other things into motion as well."

The crescendo of comedy echoed across the camp when Matilda attempted her solemn salute to the Masters. Let's just say it was a salute that became a celebration of domino theory, a spectacle of flying spiritual texts which danced through the air as elegantly as a parrot on roller skates.

This delightful misadventure was Madam Matilda's ode to the hilarity lurking within the solemn script of Tai Chi. A magnificent reminder that the theatre of life, much like a Monty Python skit, thrives on the unexpected, the downright ludicrous, and the continual trial and laughter-filled errors.

Post this marvellous medley of mirth, a wise Master Robert, adopting an eloquent British drawl, declared, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an 'i'” he paused for dramatic effect and winked at our disaster-prone heroine, "then it's just fun and games that can't be spelled right. Remember, the best of us are but glorified jesters in the court of life."

Life's truest joy lies in the beautiful chaos of its unexpected dance.

Thus, dear readers, in the wake of Matilda's international caper, we are reminded. Embrace the mess, welcome the chaos, and jig along with life's absurd rhythm, since, aren’t we all just performing a clumsy pirouette on the Tai Chi floor of existence?


TaiChi4U (YMAA Orientsport), located in the serene surroundings of Greenford, West London, is a respected branch of the renowned Yang's Martial Arts Association (YMAA International). The school is dedicated to the traditional teachings of Yang Style Tai Chi, laying emphasis on preserving the rich heritage and profound depth of this ancient discipline.

Tai Chi Grenford

The extensive curriculum at TaiChi4U covers the Long Sequence - the essence of Tai Chi's meditative and slow-paced movements. Additionally, the school provides comprehensive training in Pushing Hands, teaching students the art of sensing and responding to external movements. More advanced teachings involve Tai Chi Applications, offering students a realistic understanding of the self-defence aspects hidden within Tai Chi's flowing movements. Unique to our curriculum are the Tai Chi Ball and Tai Chi Saber practices, which enhance the students' flexibility, joint health, Qi circulation, and understanding of the rhythm and power of movements. At TaiChi4U, we provide a serene environment for learning, embracing the strength and tranquillity inherent within Tai Chi.


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