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7 Proven Ways Learning Martial Arts Will Improve Your Health

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Tai Chi Classes - Pushing Hands

It is extremely beneficial and in this article, we will be focusing on the health benefits you stand to gain by choosing to get involved in martial arts.

Proven Ways Learning Martial Arts Can Improve Your Health

  1. Improved Cardiovascular Health Research has discovered that the best way to improve your cardiovascular system status is by involving in activities that exercise the heart. Martial arts are known to give some healthy stress to the heart just the way good elliptical machines do.

  2. Complete Body Workout Martial arts is a form of high-aerobic training that utilizes different muscle groups of your body. It improves your stamina, flexibility, muscle tone, strength, and balance.

  3. Calorie-Burning With the total-body workout martial arts gives, a high level of calories is burned with every class. Also, it teaches you discipline, so you are less likely to eat foods that aren’t healthy for you.

  4. Improves Reflexes Research has shown that martial arts can help improve your reflexes. It will also enhance faster reaction times as you get more involved. A better reflex and reaction time is needed for different daily activities like driving. A review done in 2014 showed that martial arts students have faster reaction times and significantly better balance with time.

  5. Improve Muscle ToneMartial arts has an amazing way of improving your body muscle mass. The more your body muscle mass, the more your metabolic demands. Moreover, with more metabolic demand, you burn more calories each day. It hence helps in preventing obesity. Also, having a high amount of muscle mass will results in increased agility, thus it prevents you from falling as you age. Martial arts as being shown to improve posture. In a Portuguese study, martial arts among the adolescent students showed they have better bone density than the control group. Having strong bones makes your bone less liable to breaking. This gives a good foundation for a future that is free from osteopenia and osteoporosis.

  6. Improved Mood Many Pieces of research have discovered that mood is improving by participating in a regular exercise routine. Martial arts helps in relieving stress and frustration. It will thus help you stay happy. Endorphins are released during physical activity and they are more active in your body for up to four hours after exercise.

  7. Improved Focus and Confidence Martial art will teach you to be still and focused. One of the great benefits reported by martial arts students is self-confidence. Patience, insight, and calmness are prerequisites of Kung Fu. It reminds participants of the right attitude, frame of mind and virtues. In research at Bangor University, participants of martial arts had improved attention, focus, and alertness in comparison to the control groups. The learning martial arts requires can help improve your attention span as well. The exercise is involved in martial arts as a way of preserving mental function. Another study conducted in nursing homes among those who have mild dementia demonstrated a significant positive effect.

In Conclusion

Learning martial arts is beneficial to your body system as a whole. It improves your cardiovascular system, mental and physical health. Apart from these health benefits, it will teach you a lot of lessons about life. It teaches one never to stop fighting for what one desires.

Guest post by Dr. Charles-Davies, a medical doctor who loves to share health information in relevant ways to help his society make better decisions.


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