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Chinese Weapons - The Double Hook Swords

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The Double Hook Swords, also known as the Shuang Gou in Chinese, is a weapon that was popularized in China during the Ming dynasty. Its origins are unclear, but it is believed to have been created for self-defense and evolved into a weapon that was used in military and martial arts settings.

The Double Hook Swords

The unique design of the Double Hook Swords consists of two blades that are attached to a central handle, with a hook or crescent shape on one end of each blade. This design allowed the user to effectively disarm or trap their opponent's weapons, while also allowing them to deliver powerful strikes.

During its heyday, the Double Hook Swords was a feared weapon on the battlefield and was employed by both infantry and cavalry units. It was also used in martial arts schools and by practitioners of Kung Fu and other traditional Chinese forms of combat. In these settings, the Double Hook Swords was known for its versatility, allowing users to quickly switch between offensive and defensive maneuvers.

The Double Hook Swords reminds us that true strength lies not in the power of the weapon, but in the knowledge and mastery of its use.

One of the most interesting stories surrounding this weapon comes from its use by members of the Chinese underworld, or the "Triads." According to legend, certain Triad leaders would use the Hook Sword to execute their enemies in public, which served as a warning to others who dared to challenge their power.

Another famous stories of the Double Hook Swords is its use by the anti-Manchu folk hero, Wu Song. Legend has it that Wu Song used the Hook Sword to defeat the notorious killer, Ximen Qing, in a duel. This story has been depicted in many Chinese film and television productions.

In modern times, the Double Hook Swords is primarily used in traditional martial arts forms, such as the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu style (for example Long Fist - which is in YMAA curriculum). It has also been featured in various movies, video games, and other forms of pop culture media. However, it remains an important cultural artefact and a symbol of the martial arts traditions of China.

In conclusion, the Double Hook Swords is a unique, versatile weapon that originated in China and was used by many martial arts styles, particularly by members of the Shaolin Temple. Its design and use have made it an important part of Chinese martial arts history, and its presence in popular culture has inspired many people to learn about the martial art forms that use it.



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