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Chinese Weapons: Nine Section Chain Whip vs Rope With Blade

Nine Section Chain Whip (Jiujiebian)

The Nine Section Chain Whip is a Chinese weapon that dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is a flexible weapon that consists of nine sections of chain connected by metal rings.

9 Section Chain Whip


The origin of the Nine Section Chain Whip is still unclear, but it is believed to have been developed as a farming tool that was later adapted as a weapon. It was mainly used by the military and martial artists during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The Nine Section Chain Whip was also used in secret societies and by rebels during times of political turmoil. It was a popular weapon among the Chinese resistance fighters during World War II, who used it to fight against the Japanese invasion.


The Nine Section Chain Whip is a versatile weapon that can be used for both long-range and close-quarter combat. The length of the weapon allows for a safe distance from the opponent, while its flexibility enables the user to strike from different angles with speed and precision.

The weapon can be used to disarm or entangle an opponent, as well as strike with lethal force. It requires a great deal of skill to master, as the user must be able to control the weapon's momentum while avoiding self-injury.


  • Versatility: It can be used for striking, blocking, and trapping an opponent's weapon.

  • Surprise Factor: Its unpredictable movements can surprise opponents.

  • Concealability: It can be coiled up, making it easy to carry and conceal.


  • Complexity: It requires a great deal of skill and practice to use effectively without injuring oneself.

  • Close-Quarters: In tight spaces, its effectiveness is reduced

The Nine Section Chain Whip is still used today in traditional Chinese martial arts and is considered a challenging weapon to learn. It is typically practiced as part of the Chinese weapon curriculum, which also includes other ancient weapons such as the straight sword, staff, and spear.

The 9 Section Chain Whip can be effectively used in various situations. It can be utilized to defend against both armed and unarmed opponents, helping to create and maintain distance for your safety. Moreover, it can be used to catch someone off guard, providing a surprise advantage. Additionally, this weapon can be folded to function as an impact weapon, delivering powerful blows. Lastly, it can also be used as a tool for strangling if necessary.

Rope with Blade (Sheng Biao)

The Chinese Rope with Blade, also known as the Chinese Meteor Hammer, is a weapon that features a rope with a weighted end and a sharp blade on the other. It was primarily used by martial artists and the military during the Ming Dynasty.


Rope with Blade

The use of a Meteor Hammer can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty, where it was used as a farming tool. It was later adapted as a weapon and used during times of war and combat training. It is a weapon that requires precision and skill to master.


Like the Nine Section Whip, the Rope with Blade was primarily used for self-defense and martial arts training in ancient China. It was also used by rebels and resistance fighters during times of political upheaval. The Meteor Hammer was primarily used for long-range attacks and to disarm opponents.


  • Reach: Its length allows the user to strike from a safe distance.

  • Flexibility: It can be easily concealed and offers a wide variety of attack patterns.

  • Deception: The rope allows for feints and unexpected strikes.


  • Control: It requires a high degree of dexterity and control to use effectively.

  • Environment: Its use can be limited in confined spaces.

  • Defense: It offers less defensive capability than the Nine Section Whip.


Both the Nine Section Chain Whip and Rope with Blade are flexible weapons with unique designs. The Nine Section Chain Whip consists of chain and metal rings, while the Rope with Blade has a long rope with a weighted end and a sharp blade. The Nine Section Chain Whip is a close to medium-range weapon, while the Rope with Blade is primarily used for long-range attacks. Both weapons require skill and precision to master.

In conclusion, the Nine Section Chain Whip and Rope with Blade are two unique weapons that exemplify Chinese martial arts and ingenuity. Both weapons have their own histories and applications, highlighting their versatility and utility in combat. While both weapons have distinct differences, they both require skill and dedication to master, making them challenging and rewarding to wield.


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