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Robert Was

Robert Was started his martial arts training at the age of 12 with Judo. At the age of 16, he trained Taekwondo. At the same time, he became interested in Kung Fu and Taiji. After several years of training under the supervision of Andrzej Braksal, he obtained an instructor’s degree. In 1989, thanks to the help of Tadeusz Gacki officially joins YMAA Poland. Since then, he has been continuously training in Poland and abroad under the supervision of Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming and other martial arts teachers, including Master Li Mao-Ching, Liang Shou-You, Kao Tao, Yuan Zumou.

Since 1999, he has been the President of the YMAA East European Headquarters. He conducts training in Kung Fu, Taiji, Qin Na and Qigong in many countries, includes Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, France, Portugal, Ireland, England, Iran, South Africa and the USA. Triathlete, distances completed: 1/8 IM, 1/4 IM, Olympic, 1/2 IM.

“It is very rare to find students who are not only able but willing to commit so much of their time, energy, and heart into martial arts, to embrace it as a way of life, to dedicate themselves to its true spirit, to teach others with such attention and care, and to never lose sight of its importance, significance, and impact on people all over the world. Robert Wąs has been with me and YMAA for over 25 years and this year have rightfully earned the title of YMAA Taijiquan Master. They (Robert, Pedro and Victor) are the first to hold YMAA Master titles in both Shaolin and Taijiquan”.


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