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Jeff Pratt

Jeff Pratt began his study of Tai Chi at the YMAA Boston School in 1987 and has reached the rank of Instructor (3rd degree) in the YMAA system. Jeff specializes in Pushing Hands, which is the two-person form of Tai Chi.  He has taken extensive training in the spectrum of disciplines comprising YMAA’s Tai Chi program, including: 

  1. Yang Long Form.

  2. Pushing Hands

  3. Two Person Fighting Set

  4. Tai Chi Jian (Tai Chi Sword), both solo and sword sparring.

  5. Tai Chi Dao (Taiji Saber), both solo and saber sparring.

  6. Tai Chi Qigong and meditation.

  7. Tai Chi Qigong Primary Set

  8. Coiling Qigong

  9. Tai Chi Ball Qigong, both solo and with a partner.

  10. Still Meditation

Jeff has taught Tai chi professionally for 20 years and is currently teaching Pushing Hands at the YMAA International headquarters. He has taught at the Tai Chi Farm in New York (under Master Jou, Tsung-Hua) and at Gillette Industries, Sapient Corporation and MKS Instruments. He has conducted seminars in the United States, Poland, Hungary, Portugal and South Africa.

Jeff has performed in local and national tournaments and has repeatedly won the title of champion and grand champion in the “A Taste of China” competition. He also took high honors for Taijiquan in the United States Kuo Shu Guo Shu National Competitions, receiving gold medals for Pushing Hands.

“Taijiquan has become the path I follow. It leads me to distant places and incredible people. Taijiquan is a continuous adventure of discovery.”


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